Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of the MBBS program in Kazakhstan is 5 times.

The medical universities of Kazakhstan offer an MD degree which is original to the degree of MBBS offered by Indian medical sodalities.

The medical universities of Kazakhstan are approved and honored by NMC( National Medical Council) and WDOMS( World Directory of Medical Schools) enlisted. The medical universities of Kazakhstan give quality medical education as every time lots of transnational scholars choose Kazakhstan as their medical destination to study MBBS abroad.

The MBBS degree offered by the medical universities of Kazakhstan is encyclopedically honored and accepted worldwide. Medical graduates can continue rehearsing their medical career in their native countries too after successfully completing their 5 times MBBS program from Kazakhstan medical universities.

As per Medical Council of India and National Medical Commission the minimal qualification for Indian scholars to study in abroad is he she must qualify in NEET- UG entrance test.

YES, the M.B.B.S. course of council is honored by MCI & NMC scholars will be suitable to share the MCI SCREENING TEST.( MCI SCREENING TEST REGULATIONS,2002)/ NEXT( NATIONAL EXIT TEST2019)

- This is a common test for all Foreign Medical Graduates & Indian Medical Graduates after completion of your M.B.B.S. Course

300 Multiple Choice Questions, Passing Marks- 50, NEXT 1 & NEXT 2( still under processing)

- No

- NO, All scholars having 50 or over will named. There's no competition at all.

- UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS. test will be conducted twice a time.

YES, you'll get special classes from INDIAN croakers in every subjects. From 1st time to final time

It's called as Switzerland of Central Asia. It's notorious for its natural beauty and has three UNESCO World Heritage spots – the Saryarka plains( a world notorious birdwatching point), kazakstan is associated with oil painting and ‘ BLACK GOLD ’. It’s the most safest country with ‘’ zero crime rate ’’

Kazakhstan is framed by Russia, Uzbek- republic, Kyrgyz- republic & Caspian ocean. It was originally a part of USSR

ENGLISH MEDIUM- 10 semesters, 5 times course.( same like indian MBBS)

Yes, you'll get English classes once a weak.


YES, INDIAN MESS installation is handed by the council.( INDIAN Culinarians)

Further than 8000 Indian scholars are studying in UNIVERSITY. In which GIRLS comprises 40%.

These are all the responsibility of council. You'll get VISA after submitting your passport. The career makers assist for all procedures.

After Registration and submitting documents with TCM such as 12th marks distance, neet score card, original passport

Your payment will include Registration figure, Admission figure, VISA & One- way Air Ticket.


You can do your externship in ANY MCI honored PRIVATE/ GOVERNMENT sanitarium ALL OVER

YES, You can work in any GOVERNMENT/ PRIVATE hospitals after completion of externship.

You'll get summer holiday for 2- 3 months every time. But isn't mandatory to go back India, you can stay in hotel during recesses.

No, A pupil can not do a job while studying since he she is having a pupil visa.

Generally scholars need approx. 100$- 200$ per month. This figure is approximate and would differ

All scholars will get free treatment from croakers of the university.

Pupil should open a bank account in India in any nationalized bank and get International VISA Cards from banks. Then you can withdraw plutocrat by VISA cards directly.

As per the procedure with our academe, all non natives need to subscribe a contract. This contract would specify educational responsibility on the part of the university and the contracted freights, which would remain stable. This contract is general in nature and statutory conditions in these countries.

Yes, it's handed. Study tab will be given in 1st time MBBS with all loaded study material.

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