Admission Procedure

  1. After counselling The Career Makers (TCM) will collect photocopy of class 10th/ 12th mark distance along with Rs. 25000/ = in cash/ online transfer/ bank DD for Enrollment
  2. The Career Makers (TCM) provides admission letter issued by the university within one month of Enrollment
  3. The Career Makers( TCM) will collect all original documents like 10th/ 12th mark distance, physical examination form, passport for Visa Process along with bank DD of Rs 75000/ = for processing Assignation Letter. Assignation law is issued within 45 days from the day of collecting original documents in India.
  4. After entering Assignation Letter in original The Career Makers (TCM) will apply visa on behalf of the scholars in the Embassy Of Respective Country in India. The Embassy takes 15 working days to issue the pupil order visa.
  5. The Career Makers (TCM) will collect the remaining part of the entire admission and process charges when the visa is entered and parents will be consulted before publicizing the departure of the scholars.
  6. The Career Makers (TCM) will give one way air ticket from Delhi field to the University in China for the first time only to those scholars who are going to the university to join the course.
  7. There's Huge Difference in Admission Procedure for Bangladesh and Nepal. Eligibility & Payment Criteria is Also different From Other Countries So TCM provides detailed information to the scholars at the time of admission as per College terms & Conditions.

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